Soteria Team Visit

Rev. Andy Economides at St. Teresa school

It was a great time for us at Soteria Business School to receive the Soteria Trust Team which consists of the founder director Soteria Trust, Rev. Andy Econimides and the secretary of Soteria Trust, Jana Stetinova. The team arrived in Nigeria, Ibadan in September 2016. During the visitation, Rev. Andy Economides preached and  taught the word of God  at morning assemblies at the Soteria Business School and other secondary schools like Baptist Secondary School, Ibadan Boy’s High school, Oke Bola Comprehensive High School, IMG high school and St. Teresa school where he led hundreds of young people to

Christ. He also visited churches in Ibadan during the team’s last visitation, where he taught them about the love of Christ and also led many to Christ.  He has led many young people to Christ and has continue to disciple them to mature in Christ where he gave out up to 1000 copies of his book titled ‘True’ so they could grow in Christ.

Rev. Andy taught us at  Wednesday bible studies and  Sunday services at the Soteria Church. During the last visitation young people were also baptised in water by Rev. Andy. He recently received an award from the Wisdom Christian Centre for the humanitarian projects he is doing in Oyo state, Ibadan for over 26 years.


Jana assisting sponsored children to reply letters from their sponsors

Jana Stetinova taught the administration staff at the Soteria Business School on how to do their work properly and how to be well organised in their works. She also assisted many children at the Prospect school to reply their letters written to them by their sponsors in the UK. The Soteria Trust Team visited Prospect school, where the Trust now sponsor up to 56 children who are vulnerable and really needy. Also the Trust is in partnership with New Life Gospel church where the Trust is sponsoring 5 Hausa Fulani children from the north. The Soteria Trust is really blessing and helping children to be well educated and properly taken care of by feeding and giving them proper accommodation.


During the visit, Soteria Team had:

Rev. Andy Economides with Hausa Fulani Sponsored children

  • Wednesday bible studies and Sunday services with us at Soteria Church.
  • Scholarship award interviews at Soteria School and a day scholarship award interview at prospect school.
  • Several SBS assemblies.
  • Five Secondary Schools assemblies.
  • Seminar with New Life Bible College.
  • Baptism for young and new convert.
  • Charity dinner to raise fund to support Soteria Business School.

We look forward to receive the Soteria Team again by September 2017.