Soteria 2018 Graduation Ceremony

At the school’s Graduation Ceremony 2018, that was held on September 29, 2018, Diploma certificates were awarded to mostly indigent students through scholarship opportunities provided by Soteria Trust. Diploma certificates were awarded to the graduads in the following categories:
(i) Microsoft Application and desktop Publishing
(ii) Software engineering
(iii) Web Design
(iv) Administration, Computing and Business awarded by Chichester College, U.K.

The chairman of the graduation ceremony Bar. Tunde Gade advised the graduands to face reality of life by engaging in practical and legitimate mean of livelihood in order to make impact in their life endeavours and to fulfill their respective ambitions. He admonished the graduands to engage in voluntary service in organization so as to acquire skills and experience that would take them far in life. He also advised graduands to remain focus and use the knowledge and skills acquired to achieve their goals in life and to stop chasing shadows in believing they need to travel abroad to become successful in life.
He encouraged graduands to use their talents in turning their life around for good and avoid leaving a “packaged” life, but endeavour to live a simple life and be proud of whoever they are:

Proprietor giving speech!

The school proprietor; Rev. Andreas Economides in his speech spoke on the vision of the school coming into reality. This is because students can study, work hard and achieve their dreams in life. According to the proprietor,”students of the institution are taught to become serious Disciples of Christ and to be role model to other youths in the society”.
He emphasized on the fact that the school provides scholarship opportunities to students from every part of the country irrespective of their religious and tribal affiliation.

Prize awarded.

He encouraged the graduands to be Generals of Christ to make a difference in their life, conclusively; he said the school will continue to provide the right environment for young ones to achieve their dreams in life.
Also, the Soteria choir rendered a special song and prizes were awarded to the best student of the year, the most well behaved student, etc.
The hall was filled with parents, students and well-wishers. It was a great day indeed and we look forward to the next graduation ceremony which will come up 2019!