Scholarship Interview and Awards

The Soteria Business School is a  school founded on the love of Christ. The school on regular basis award scholarship to students who are vulnerable. The opportunity to be awarded scholarship to study any course at the school is always opened to candidates who are needy but have passion for education.

Many young and vulnerable students have been given opportunity to study at the Soteria Business School through award of scholarship by the Soteria Trust, UK. This has been a source of education empowerment to the less privileged youth who have the passion for education but have no financial capability.

If you are a type who desire to be educated or advance his or her academic career but doesn’t have the financial capability to do so? or do you know or have anyone who is vulnerable and needy? This is an opportunity for you to come for scholarship interview at Soteria Business School and you may be given scholarship. Scholarship interview is always opened to anyone who is truly needy or vulnerable and want to get educated.

Time: 10 a.m – 1 p.m

This is one of the ways we are making a difference.