Report on Rev. Andy’s visit in Nigeria

Pst. Lasisi


Pastor Lasisi launched the theme for the visit A True Discipleship and he spoke at length on what a true disciple means, aspects and characteristics of a true disciple.


Rev. Andy also spoke on the theme throughout the week. During the week, we had a guest speaker Mr Are who came to speak to us on doing things in the right way, he futher advice:

1. That we should treat people with respect and value them.
2. When we do things that are good we will blessed for it one day.
3. Keep conducting yourself the way you’ve been conducting yourself.

4. Take opportunities in whatever life throws to you whether good or bad..

The second week, Rev. Andy went to schools to preach to students and also spoke about Soteria Business School, schools like St. Teresa’s college, Baptist, Boys high school, Oke- Bola comprehensive school and many children gave their lives to Christ.
At SBS, during one of his preaching, some of the students gave their lives to Christ and were baptised (7 precisely).


Some students were given books to read and share their experience about the books and we also learnt a lot from the book especially a book titled: boundary, set a boundary for yourself.


We had a seminar titled Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by Mrs Susana Orekoya who talked at length lecturing females who had been cut in one way or the other why they were cut, consequencies and remedies to those who are victims of this cuttings, there were questions and answers were provided to stop female genital mutilation



Lastly, we had a public speaking competition among students and they all gave amazing speech on Rev. Andy’s sermon and Pastor Lasisi’s sermon and everyone was blessed.