The 2018/2019 matriculation was held at Soteria Business School.

Present were the Registrar, Provost, Director of Academics, delegates from Government Institutions, students and well-wishers. The matriculating students had the oath swearing which was taken by the Registrar. The students promised to obey the rules and regulations guiding students’ conduct and discipline at Soteria Business School.



Soteria Business School expects students to be honest in all their academic work and adhere to this commitment to academic honesty and the general regulations governing academic programmes.

At the school’s Graduation Ceremony 2018, that was held on September 29, 2018, Diploma certificates were awarded to mostly indigent students through scholarship opportunities provided by Soteria Trust. Diploma certificates were awarded to the graduands in the following categories:

  1. Microsoft Application and desktop Publishing
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Web Design
  4. Administration, Computing and Business awarded by Chichester College, U.K.

The chairman of the graduation ceremony Bar. Tunde Gade advised the graduands to face the reality of life by engaging in the practical and legitimate mean of livelihood in order to make an impact in their life endeavours and to fulfil their respective ambitions. He admonished the graduands to engage in voluntary service in an organization so as to acquire skills and experience that would take them far in life. He also advised graduands to remain focus and use the knowledge and skills acquired to achieve their goals in life and to stop chasing shadows in believing they need to travel abroad to become successful in life. He encouraged graduands to use their talents in turning their life around for good and avoid leaving a “packaged” life, but endeavour to live a simple life and be proud of whoever they are.

The school proprietor; Rev. Andreas Economides in his speech spoke on the vision of the school coming into reality. This is because students can study, work hard and achieve their dreams in life. According to the proprietor,  "students of the institution are taught to become serious Disciples of Christ and to be role model to other youths in the society". He emphasized on the fact that the school provides scholarship opportunities to students from every part of the country irrespective of their religious and tribal affiliation.

He encouraged the graduands to be Generals of Christ to make a difference in their life, conclusively; he said the school will continue to provide the right environment for young ones to achieve their dreams in life. Also, the Soteria choir rendered a special song and prizes were awarded to the best student of the year, the most well-behaved student, etc. The hall was filled with parents, students and well-wishers. It was a great day indeed and we look forward to the next graduation ceremony which will come up 2019!

A qualitative Computer-Based Test (CBT) training centre awaits you at Soteria Business School, excellent facilities and at an affordable price, also with a conducive environment. The programme starts at 3 pm-4 pm, Monday-Friday. We offer training to students preparing for JAMB.

Kindly visit the school for more info.

Soteria Business School  has been approved as an Innovative Enterprise Institution (IEI) by the  National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) on the following courses:

NID Programmes

Entry requirements

Five o; level credits in WAEC, NECO, SSCE/GCE, NABTEB including English Language and Mathematics and all relevant subjects in not more than 2 sittings.

Our NID Programmes are approved by the NBTE.

For more information call on the following numbers 07030049999, 08067247559 or visit Soteria Business School or click here to send us an email.

Forms are available at Soteria Business School, Bola Ige Bus-stop, Liberty Road, Oke-Ado, Ibadan.

Rev. Andy Economides at St. Teresa school

It was a great time for us at Soteria Business School to receive the Soteria Trust Team which consists of the founder director Soteria Trust, Rev. Andy Economides and the secretary of Soteria Trust, Jana Stetinova. The team arrived in Nigeria, Ibadan in September 2016. During the visitation, Rev. Andy Economides preached and  taught the word of God  at morning assemblies at the Soteria Business School and other secondary schools like Baptist Secondary School, Ibadan Boy's High school, Oke Bola Comprehensive High School, IMG high school and St. Teresa school where he led hundreds of young people to

Christ. He also visited churches in Ibadan during the team's last visitation, where he taught them about the love of Christ and also led many to Christ.  He has led many young people to Christ and has continued to disciple them to mature in Christ where he gave out up to 1000 copies of his book titled 'True' so they could grow in Christ.

Rev. Andy taught us at Wednesday Bible studies and Sunday services at the Soteria Church. During the last visitation young people were also baptised in water by Rev. Andy. He recently received an award from the Wisdom Christian Centre for the humanitarian projects he is doing in Oyo state, Ibadan for over 26 years.

Jana assisting sponsored children to reply letters from their sponsorsJana Stetinova taught the administration staff at the Soteria Business School on how to do their work properly and how to be well organised in their works. She also assisted many children at the Prospect school to reply to letters written to them by their sponsors in the UK. The Soteria Trust Team visited Prospect school, where the Trust now sponsor up to 56 children who are vulnerable and really needy. Also, the Trust is in partnership with New Life Gospel church where the Trust is sponsoring 5 Hausa Fulani children from the north. The Soteria Trust is really a blessing and helping children to be well educated and properly taken care of by feeding and giving them proper accommodation.


During the visit, the Soteria Team had:

We look forward to receiving the Soteria Team again by September 2017.

Chichester College Diploma awarded

A large crowd of students, staff, graduating students, parents and well-wishers graced the Graduation Ceremony on the 1st of October 2016. 17 International Diploma Certificates from Chichester College, UK were awarded to 17 Business Administration & Computing graduating students and 58 Soteria Business School Diploma Certificates were awarded to all graduating students in Business Administration & Computing, Microsoft Application & Desktop Publishing, Software Engineering, Web Design, and Hardware Engineering as at last year October 2016.


This year's Graduation Ceremony and Award of Diploma Certificates & Prizes will hold 23rd September 2017 by 10:00am prompt. You are all welcome to the event.


The Soteria Business School is a  school founded on the love of Christ. The school on regular basis award scholarship to students who are vulnerable. The opportunity to be awarded scholarship to study any course at the school is always opened to candidates who are needy but have passion for education.

Many young and vulnerable students have been given opportunity to study at the Soteria Business School through award of scholarship by the Soteria Trust, UK. This has been a source of education empowerment to the less privileged youth who have the passion for education but have no financial capability.

If you are a type who desire to be educated or advance his or her academic career but doesn't have the financial capability to do so? or do you know or have anyone who is vulnerable and needy? This is an opportunity for you to come for scholarship interview at Soteria Business School and you may be given scholarship. Scholarship interview is always opened to anyone who is truly needy or vulnerable and want to get educated.

Time: 10 a.m - 1 p.m

This is one of the ways we are making a difference.

Rev. Andy Economides and Jana Stetinova (Soteria Trust Team) was around September 2016 till October 2016, where Rev. Andy taught us at Wednesday bible studies and Sunday services at the Soteria Church. Young people are drawn to Christ with his teachings and we are so much encouraged to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. He said so many Christians believe in God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Bible, but we are to believe in the God of Trinity i.e God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We are to fellowship with the Holy Spirit as He will empower us to do that which God has ordained us to do. Jesus said to His disciples in Act chapter 1 verse 8  "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. During the last visitation many young people were also baptised in water by Rev. Andy.

Rev. Andreas Economides preached and  taught the word of God  at morning assemblies at the Soteria Business School and other secondary schools like Baptist Secondary School, Ibadan Boy's High school, and so on and churches in Ibadan during the team's last  visitation. He teaches young people the way of God and the love of Christ towards them. He has led many young people to Christ and has continue to disciple them to mature in Christ where he gave out up to 1000 copies of his book titled 'True' so they could grow in Christ.

We are so blessed to fellowship with the Soteria Team.

The Saviour of the World

The day that changed the world

Two thousand years ago something wonderful happened that would affect the world forever. It was a day that changed the world. Indeed, it was a day that changed history. It was the day God’s Son died. God so loved the world the he gave up his one and only Son to be crucified on the cross so that whoever believes in Jesus today may live abundantly – in this life and in eternity. Since the day Christ died 2000 years ago until today – and for ever – the cross has never lost its power and effect to forgive, bless, empower and grant eternal life through faith. Jesus Christ took away our sins and sorrows. His death brings us peace with God.

It is important to say that the blood of Jesus is not first and foremost for us; it is for God. Today God looks upon the finished work of his Son and is satisfied that, for everyone who repents, receives and believes, sin has been paid for.

Millions of people through the centuries have discovered this abundant life and peace with God by responding with faith to the old message. These disciples and followers of Christ have become new creations. The new has come and the old has gone and the world is different and better place. The church celebrates the day on which Jesus died as ‘Good Friday’. The only reason that it was a ‘good Friday’ was that three days later Jesus rose from the dead – on the day we now call ‘Easter Day’.

Jesus Christ’s act of love was willingly to lay down his life for humanity for all time. We begin our examination of the events that took place by starting at the Garden of Gethsemane the evening before he was crucified. Gethsemane was on the lower slopes of the Mount of Olives just outside Jerusalem, one of Jesus’ favourite places.

Overwhelmed with sorrow

Jesus expressed to his dear friends, who had been with him from the beginning of his teaching ministry, his deep distress and trouble. Hid heart was overwhelmed with sorrow, almost to the point of death. He asked help from his disciples; he needed their friendship, now more than ever. Jesus fell to the ground. He could not help it, because he knew the abuse, suffering, and evil that was to come. He prayed to his heavenly Father, asking that if possible God might take the cup of suffering away from him. But he would rather do God’s will, whatever the cost, and therefore acknowledged that he would drink the deadly cup (Mark 14:32-36). While Jesus was talking to his sleepy disciples, Judas the betrayer approached, bringing others with him to arrest Jesus

Betrayed With a Kiss

Judas was aware that people knew Jesus well enough by sight but felt that in the dim light of the garden they might need a definite indication of who they were to arrest. He chose the most terrible of signs – a kiss. It was customary to greet a rabbi with a kiss; it was a sign of respect and affection for a well-loved teacher. When Judas says, ‘The one I kiss is the man,’ he uses the world philein, which is the ordinary word for a kiss. But when it is written that he kissed Jesus, the words used are Kata Philein. The word Kata indicates intensity. Kata Philein means to kiss as a lover kisses his beloved. The sign of betrayal was not a mere from of kiss of respectful greeting. It was a lover’s kiss. Jesus was betrayed by one of his chosen and closest friends (Mark 14:43-46).

The arresting mob came from the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders – the three sections of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish religious council. They marched Jesus away to the high priest. The disciples’ nerve cracked. They could not face it. They were afraid that they too would share the fate being prepared for Jesus. The all left him and ran away. But throughout all this Jesus displays serenity, for the struggle in the garden is over, and now there is the peace of a man who knows that he is following the will of God.

Extracted from True, a book written by Rev, Andy Economides to disciple Christians.


The Soteria Business School will be holding another Career Guide Seminar for  the youth on the 27th of February 2016. The Career Guide seminar is meant to empower youth and give them opportunities on:

Professionals will be around to answer all these and any other question.

Time: 10 A.M

Date: 27th February 2016

For further inquiries call: 08067247559, 07030049999.

Gate fee: Free

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